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Climatisation systems for the horticulture sector

AIRBEND is specialized in developing climatisation systems for the horticulture sector.

Indoor crop cultivation in closed systems offers many advantages to the farmer, but also presents the challenge of controlling the element air.

With AIRBEND you take full control over purity, temperature, humidity and CO₂ saturation.

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Closed system

Within the horticulture sector, the term closed system is used to describe a room for cultivating plants, which is climatized without outside air supply.

Inside an air-conditioning cabinet, the room air is purified, dehumidified and reheated to the desired temperature. In addition the air is enriched with CO₂ before it is resupplied to the grow room.

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Consistent moisture in closed systems due to evaporation will require high dehumidification capacities, which common climate systems don't have, especially not during night phase.

AIRBEND climate systems are designed to provide top-notch dehumidification performance in both, cooling and heating mode. Enjoy the benefits of improved plant growth without the danger of mould formation.

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Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide and water are essential for photosynthesis. They form the basis for plant growth.

With AIRBEND climate systems you will be able to regulate the CO₂ saturation inside your growing room, which will open up huge growth potential for all your plants.

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Air distribution

AIRBEND offers fabric air ducting which can be customized in order to meet any constructional situations.

A special laser perforation will mix supply air and room air, to form a gentle stream.

Your plants will love it.

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good manufacturing practice

There apply strict, legal guidelines for manufacturing pharmaceuticals and quality requirements rise permanently.

To comply with these requirements, production is constantly supervised by the clients and relevant authorities (audit).

AIRBEND air-conditioning cabinets are designed to meet the required standards:

  • our textile ducting can be dismantled easily and is fully washable
  • different user levels ensure that only qualified personnel can make changes to the system (data integrity)
  • acquisition and storage of all relevant data (audit trail)
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Customized solutions

AIRBEND specializes in developing customer-specific air conditioning concepts and airconditioning units.

For large production areas, a custom tailored solution is the most efficient way to save costs.

Spacial situation and building structure will form the basis for the calculation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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