AIRBEND provides solutions for anyone who is looking for reliable and efficient climate control technologies for indoor growing. Our aim is creating the optimum climate to maximize yields. 

Consulting, planning, realization, commissioning, service - AIRBEND is your reliable companion from the initial idea to the operation of the professional indoor grow system.

Additionally, to the sale of our own brand of industrial air conditioning units, AIRBEND specializes in the construction of turnkey indoor grow systems.

The principle of indoor cultivation is providing plants with the ideal climate for growth and development. Scientifically proven growing conditions for cannabis can be created technically. Consistent quality and reliable quantity are essential for survival in the industrial sector. 

AIRBEND is the perfect partner for professional cannabis growers who prioritize reliable and efficient climate control technology. Our aim is to optimize the climate for ideal plant growth. With AIRBEND's climate solutions, you can precisely regulate temperature, humidity, and CO₂ levels. Reliability and fail-safety are crucial factors in cannabis cultivation, in addition to precise control. The climate control system can be remotely operated and monitored for all systems by integrating it into an existing network.

AIRBEND air conditioning units are always reliable, even under continuous load, thanks to their robust design and the use of high-quality components. Our products are CE-certified and comply with current safety regulations.

Climate solutions

Ventilation Concept

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Closed loop concept

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Turnkey solutions

AIRBEND Growroom

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AIRBEND Growcontainer

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AIRBEND is specialized in developing customized air conditioning concepts and units to meet the specific needs of our clients. Planning an effective indoor grow system requires extensive knowledge and attention to detail, considering all relevant factors.

Our team of experts is equipped to handle these challenges and deliver a functional grow system that meets your needs. This includes the technical complexities of air conditioning, as well as the space and structure of the building. When designing an air conditioning system, the main factors to consider are room volume, heat, humidity, and desired climate conditions. These factors all impact the design of the air conditioning technology.

 Our priority is energy efficiency, which can be achieved by planning a custom air conditioning solution, particularly for large grow systems. Contact AIRBEND early on to benefit from our expertise in planning and implementation.

Planning process
  • Data acquisition

  • Design suggestion

  • System planning

  • Quotation

  • Production

  • Installation

  • Installation commissioning

  • Handover

Things you should think about

Make sure that the intended building has an adequate energy supply. Subsequent adjustments to the energy supply may no longer be possible.


When planning your grow system, make sure to allocate enough space for the climate control components.  These components may need to be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the type of construction.


State subsidies may be available depending on the design, with energy efficiency, design and refrigerants used being the decisive factors.


A redundant design can help ensure reliability. In indoor growing, continuous operation is crucial for a guaranteed and successful harvest.


AIRBEND GmbH was founded in 2019 by Simon Grobauer and Michael Huber. The company is specialized in developing and producing climate systems for the controlled cultivation of cannabis in indoor grow facilities. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for the fast-growing cannabis industry while prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our climate control systems are produced in Germany, using only high-quality materials.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality products to our customers. Our philosophy is to tailor solutions to the needs and wishes of each individual customer. Our team consists of experts in their field, from engineers to technicians, working together to provide the best solutions for your requirements. AIRBEND believes that innovation is crucial for success and is proud to be part of a rapidly evolving industry that positively impacts society. Contact us today to learn more about our services. We look forward to supporting your next project.