In a 'Ventilation system', fresh air partially or completely replaces the room air. Heat recovery maximizes energy efficiency. 


One AIRBEND Multi-system can air-condition multiple grow or drying rooms, making them ideal for use in cannabis social clubs or cultivation associations.

The design of the AIRBEND multi-system prevents air from different rooms from mixing. To prevent contamination of the entire system in case of issues in a single grow room, each room can be programmed for an entire growth cycle. The control system independently ensures that the selected climate conditions are implemented during the day and night phases, as well as the different growth phases of the plants. Additionally, the lighting and irrigation of the system can be controlled. 

Controlling and monitoring of the grow system can be done through a touch display or remotely via laptop or tablet. To prevent unpleasant odors in the outdoor area, the exhaust air is filtered through activated carbon before being released.

AIRBEND offers two variants of air conditioning systems: a Split System variant and a Chiller System variant.

Split System

The Split System variant is installed outdoor and is manufactured as a complete system, eliminating the need for a refrigeration specialist on site during installation. All refrigeration work is carried out and completed at the factory, only the power supply needs to be installed by an electrician.

The production room is connected to the air conditioning unit through air ducts, allowing for immediate operation. 

Chiller variant

The chiller variant of this system is delivered partially assembled and connected to the chiller on site through water pipes. Additionally, ventilation shafts are used to connect the system to the grow rooms. Both the system and the chiller can be installed outdoors.

In either case, an activated carbon filter is essential to minimize odors in the outdoor area.

In horticulture, a closed-loop system refers to a climate-controlled room where plants are conditioned without the use of outside air. The room's air is first cleaned, dehumidified, and brought to the desired temperature before being recirculated back into the grow room.

This method allows the artificial increase or maintenance of CO₂ levels in the room, which can have a significant impact on yield. 

To increase a plant's CO₂ absorption, it must transpire more through higher energy input, such as light and ambient temperature. Therefore, rooms enriched with CO₂ are operated at higher temperatures than those without it.

The AIRBEND split units are designed specifically for this task and are easy to install, allowing for quick operation. These air conditioning units come in two output classes: 14 kW and 28 kW.