AIRBEND offers turnkey grow rooms tailored to meet each customer's unique requirements for indoor cannabis cultivation. We offer a variety of room variants to meet every customer's needs and on-site conditions. 

Our high-quality sandwich panel rooms provide excellent insulation, ensuring a stable climate for growing healthy, high-yielding plants. The surfaces are easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic environment. AIRBEND climate solutions optimize air conditions for cannabis cultivation. Choose between plant tables and shelving systems for vertical farming based on your space requirements. LED lighting provides the required spectrum for plant growth.

 Various irrigation systems are available for water supply. AIRBEND offers a range of irrigation solutions, including simple drip systems, fertilizer pumps, and osmosis combinations. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction only let us use the best materials and work with experienced partners in order to fulfill every customer's wish.

 Contact AIRBEND today to realize your perfect grow room!

AIRBEND grow containers help you to be independent of existing buildings. No matter if single container or large grow container constructions. Plan and realize a grow facility with us according to your ideas. Individual containers are equipped with a ready-to-use air conditioning system.

 Depending on customer requirements, we supply tables, lighting and irrigation systems. We will be happy to advise you on possible variants and equipment.